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Envision It.
Be It.

Attaining your fittest self, feeling in control of your diet, having a lifestyle that works for YOU, all these and more are possible with

Women's Transformation Coaching!

It's a truly holistic view of your fitness, diet, lifestyle & mindset in order to create a vision for yourself that's sustainable & attainable.

My goal is to Nourish, Support & Empower you at any stage of your journey in womanhood or motherhood to greatness!

Envision It. Be It.

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Hello there. 
I'm Michelle.

Women's Transformation Coach


Fitness Coach, Nutrition Expert, Pelvic Floor Specialist, Life Coach & Fascial Stretch Therapist

Along with everything you read above, at my core I'm a mom of 4, and I'm in my 40's. I want every woman and mom out there to know that feeling fit, healthy, strong & empowered in both mind and body are possible regardless of where you are starting or what life stage of womanhood or motherhood you may be in.

I want you to know - what you Envision, you can Be.

Attaining the body you want is possible. Feeling in control over your diet is possible. Being in the driver's seat of your mind is possible.

I have attained a unique set of skills to support you in overcoming the challenges, setbacks and obstacles you face in your fitness, health, diet, lifestyle, mindset and habits but most of all, we can relate to them together.


I am here to support, nourish and empower you to see and become your greatest and fittest self ❤︎


What I Specialize In



Posture, Core & Pelvic Power







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The Journey Towards Mastery Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today.

"For years I wasn't able to feel grounded or in tune with my body thanks to focusing on my family and work. Michelle Is truly a great personal trainer, FST practitioner, nutritionist and life coach. The only thing I wish I could change is to have met her much sooner!"

- Alexandra S.

"Getting pregnant for the third time put my body under a lot of stress. I gained over 70lbs and I didn't recognize myself in the mirror. Michelle helped me get back to my pre-pregnancy body weight using a holistic approach to guide me. She showed me how to nurture my body and my mind and how to deal with the ups and downs on the journey to weight loss. Michelle is a gracious health coach. Thanks to her I feel like myself again!"

- Rory R.

"Working with Michelle has given me my body back! In only a couple months I have lost 15lbs, have built new confidence in my eating habits and changed my mindset about exercise. I feel empowered and finally free of the challenges I faced before."

- Christine D.

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