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Yoga on the Beach

Fascial Stretch Therapy

Done on a massage table, this form of assisted stretching can provide almost instant results! It focuses on stretching the fascia (thin connective tissue that lines all your muscles and organs) and creating space in your joint capsules to achieve optimal strength, flexibility, pain relief and performance.


Get the benefit's of doing yoga without having to do the work!

Check out all the amazing benefits below!

Pain Reduction

Releasing tight fascia relieves restrictions, compensation patterns and pressures on the nervous system that lead to pain and discomfort. FST releases natural endorphins and helps you enter deep states of relaxation reducing and alleviating pain.

Improved Posture

FST helps loosen and realign fascia improving our body's ability to remain in balance. FST helps to relax and retrain muscles that are overcompensating. Used in conjunction with Personal Training, it can have a powerful impact on  improving your posture.

Improved Circulation

When our body is tense and tight it reduces our circulation. FST improves blood flow which helps with exercise recovery, increased oxygenation, energy and mental clarity.

Fat Loss!

FST is powerful at calming the nervous system for 'rest and digest'. This helps enhance our mood, improves digestion, lowers blood pressure,  reduces overall stress, improves sleep and alleviates pain which ultimately all support our ability to lose body fat and keep it off.

Improved Energy

FST is rejuvenating, energizing and balancing. After a treatment, you will feel rejuvenated emotionally and physically at a very deep level. You will feel light in your body and mind which supports you in being active.

Increased Flexiblity

FST increases our range of motion and mobility in a gentle, pain-free way.  By creating space between joints and working out tense fascia, movement will be smoother with less restriction. 

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